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Inkwell Writer's Group

This forum is for the Inkwell Writer's Group.
The Inkwell Writers’ Group was founded in Autumn of 1994 by a group of writers in Oakville.The group has evolved and developed over the years. It has organized public readings, workshops, contests and anthologies. Throughout its history the Inkwell has striven to meet the needs of its members and help them in creative endeavors. The Inkwell meets at 7 pm on the second and last Thursday of each month at Timothy’s coffee shop on the corner of Lakeshore and Reynolds in downtown Oakville. For more information contact: Geri 905-842-3416 (gerimarie50@hotmail.com) Executive Committee: Shawn Dickey (President) Geraldine Haniff Derik Hawley

MONDAY, APRIL 18, 2005

The Receiver?Have you ever dreamed
Good fortunes at the door?
New house, or boat, or car, or time
To laze while others do the chores.
Reality comes with the cold, clear
Light of morning.
Material wealth has lost its flavor,
Could never fill an empty dawning.
Desire to please comes from the heart
To do our part,
Empathy returned twofold to glorify
Our soul.
Roma Diplock

Memories are a strange entity
It can paint the smile of a rainbow on my face.
But it can also stab my heart
like the deadly thrust of a dagger.
I always remember when my daughter was born
It was moment when all the problems in my life became trivial.
This miracle was all that mattered.
She had her mother's eyes and ears and my nose.
For a stork brought us a baby from heaven to be our angel.
And i always remember the death soaked shores of Juno beach.
Where scores of human beings cried out in agony
as they bled to death in my arms.
But my heart will not perish as the solider who died before his time.
For I choose the path paved with pink blossoms
as I slowly walk away from the road covered with sharp thorns.
Masayuki Tanabe

GEORGEGeorge enjoys offering
Really generous energy
Wherever any job can be done by one alone;
There is a George in every group
Regardless how big or small.
Every other individual
Says let George do it
But there is a limit to George's endurance.
One day comes the assurance
When he begins to recall
Seemingly I am doing it all
So I will leave silently
And let the next George take his fall.
We wonder how Georgina is doing......
by Camille Theriault

Fear, daunting and empowering,
Expectations, real and perceived,
Outcomes, predictable and unexpected,
Attitudes, hindering and enabling,
Critiques, degrading and uplifting,
Self-awareness, embarrassment and pride,
Choices, acceptance and effort,
Colors, dark and light,
Which will you choose for your life,
And which will you allow in it.
George Arnold Nov. 2003

Strong Soul
A word
Invaded the soul
Knowledge thirst soul surrendered
A soul without fresh words
Is like an army blind or without food
Can't defend a foot
Will surender without a fight
No matter what the generals shout
Strong soul
Is damn cool.
Morteza Abdolalian( Mori)
Oakville- spring 2005

Adventures in an Armchair
I climb the highest mountains
I paint rainbows in the sky
I circle the sun because I know how to fly
I've sat on the moon and danced with stars
I lived with the animals and I've even visited Mars.
I searched the oceans and the seas
I nest with birds high in the trees
Oh! Pen and paper, friend of mine
I must give you a rest
For Tomorrow is another day
to wonder what comes next.
by Sarah Jean Casey

by louise sheppard mulhern April

There were two familiar people
One was very cheerful
The other somewhat tired
The first a constant party goer
The other a better person hired
got a lot more attention than the
busy voice that was skilfully ignored
A little humour could pass but
one was questioned and answered much more
by Rob van Walsum - February, 2005

Fears raised for detained journalists

By:  Foreign Affairs Reporter, Published on Sat Mar 10 2007
A Canadian journalists' group has asked the government of Iran to immediately release three journalists
 detained in a protest earlier this week.
Although 30 others were released, the three women, Shadi Sadr, Mahbubeh Abbasgholizadeh and Jila Baniyaghoub, are still being held in Tehran's notorious Evin Prison, where Canadian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi was murdered in 2003.
They were demonstrating in front of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran to protest legal proceedings against five members of Iranian women's organizations who were arrested in earlier demonstrations.
"Canadian Journalists for Free Expression is very concerned that these three journalists remain in prison without charge," the group said a statement. The group called for their "immediate and unconditional release."
A Human Rights Watch official said the three Iranian women are in solitary confinement and have been on a hunger strike since Tuesday.
The Canadian journalists group said they believe the three were singled out because they drafted a statement that called for the gathering where they were seized.
"Of the 33 arrested, 22 were journalists, which points to the possible targeting of journalists," said the organization.
"With so many prominent female journalists being imprisoned at one time, the government may have hoped to undermine coverage of events such as International Women's Day," which fell on March 8.
Abbasgholizadeh, editor of the Zanan quarterly, has been imprisoned before for contributing to reformist websites, while Sadr is a prominent lawyer, journalist and activist who founded the first website dedicated to the work of Iranian women's rights advocates.
Baniyaghoub is a newspaper editor who also edits the website of the Iranian Women's Society, and was recently acquitted on charges of "acting against national security" and participating in an illegal demonstration for covering a women's protest last June.
"This group of women are always together, and they are very similar in their views," said Morteza Abdolalian, an Iranian-born freelance journalist and founder of Journalists in Exile.
"What is unique about them is that they are very critical of the regime of (President Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad. They are pro-reform."
Human Rights Watch says that repression, torture and detention have increased in the past four years, as conservative forces tightened their hold on power:
"The combination of torture and ill-treatment in detention, closing off of avenues for legal redress, and silencing public information about these abuses has created an increasingly hostile environment for human rights in Iran 

Iranian political prisoners receive HR awards from ICHR
December 15, 2011

The International Center for Human Rights (ICHR) announced today that Mr. Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, Iranian political leader and prisoner, is receiving a prestigious human rights award from ICHR for his human rights activities. Five other prisoners also won the awards in the realms of student, labour, culture, human rights and legal advocacy.  The International Center for Human Rights presented the human rights awards to prominent activists on behalf of the award winners at its first annual gala on Sunday December 11, 2011.

Heshmatollah Tabarzadi was the recipient of the first annual Human Rights Award of the International Center for Human Rights. The CEO of Tirgan International festival, Mehrdad Ariannejad, accepted Heshmatollah Tabarzadi’s award on his behalf at the first annual gala on Sunday December 11. Mr. Tabarzadi has endured more than 16 years of physical and psychological abuse in the Islamic Republic’s prisons and before its courts.

“Winners of the 2011 awards are among activists who have made significant efforts to resist dictatorship and injustice,” said Hassan Zarezadeh Ardeshir, ICHR’s director. “The selection process was not easy when there are many prominent Iranian activists currently behind bars. However, the ICHR eight member selection team narrowed down the list of nominees to five names who received glass awards and one name who won the crystal award along with cash prize.”

Nasrin Sotoudeh, imprisoned prominent human rights lawyer, won ICHR’s award in the  realm of human rights advocate. Miss Fereshteh Molavi, Ira         nian human rights activist and writer, received the award on Ms. Sotoudeh’s behalf.

Majid Tavakoli, imprisoned prominent student leader, won ICHR’s award in the realm of student activitism. Mr. Salman Sima, a former student activist received Majid’s award on his behalf.

Reza Shahabi, imprisoned labor activist, won ICHR’s award in the realm of labour rights. Mr. Mehdi Kuhestani, a labour activist, received the award on Mr. Shahabi’s behalf.

Kouhyar Goudarzi, imprisoned human rights defender, won ICHR’s award in the realm of human rights defender. Mr. Hassan Zerehi , a journalist and human rights defender, received Kuhyar’s award on his behalf.

Ramn Parchami , an actor, won the ICHR award in the field of art. Mr. Soheil Parsa a prominent artistic director and writer received this award on Ramin Parchami’s behalf.

The International Center for Human Rights in Iran’s first annual human rights day gala was held in Toronto on Sunday December 11, 2011 at the Royal Banquet Hall. At the event, leading human rights figures such as Mr. Mohammad Mostafaie, human rights lawyer, Mr. Ahmad Batebi, human rights defender, Mr. Morteza Abdolalian fron Canadian Journalist for Free Expression, Aubrey Harris, from Amnesty International in Canada, Mr. Kaveh Shahrouz, Lawyer and former state department’s human rights advisor, spoke on the deplorable human rights situation in Iran. Also messages from MPP Dr. Reza Moridi and Canadian Parliament member, Mr. Paul Dewar, were read at the event.

Background information:

Nasrin Sotoudeh is a prominent Iranian lawyer and human rights activist. She is currently held in the notorious Evin prison, and sentenced to six years in prison and banned from practicing law for ten years. Her crime is defending her clients who are mainly human rights activists arrested and abused following the June 2009 Presidential election. She has also defended numerous child execution cases.

Nasrin Sotoudeh is a member of the Defenders of Human Rights, the One Million Signatures Campaign to Change Discriminatory Laws Against Women, and the Society for Protecting the Rights of the Child.

Nasrin Sotoudeh was arrested in September 2010, and has endured the torture of long durations in solitary confinement. Since her arrest, Nasrin has launched multiple hunger strikes to protest the illegal behaviour of the Iranian authorities.

Nasrin Sotoudeh is the recipient of the 2011 PEN/Barbara Goldsmith Freedom to Write Award. The resilient lawyer is one of ICHR’s award winners for her strong defence against human rights violations in Iran

Majid Tavakoli is a prominent student leader activist who was majoring in shipbuilding at Tehran’s Amirkabir University of Technology. He is currently held in the horrific Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj. Majid Tavakoli was violently arrested on December 7, 2009, following a post-election speech he had delivered on National Student Day that criticized high-ranking regime officials, including Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. He was transferred to the notorious Evin prison, and endured long stays in solitary confinement under severe psychological and physical torture. The student leader resisted the illegal behaviour of the Iranian authorities by launching multiple prison hunger strikes which have led to his deteriorating health, including reports of abdominal bleeding in 2010.

The student leader was first arrested in 2007 for protesting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's presence at the university. Consequently, he was held behind bars for 15 months and tortured. He was arrested for the second time in March 2009 during a memorial ceremony for Mehdi Bazargan. Majid endured 115 days in solitary confinement at Evin prison, but was eventually released after posting a pricey bail. Majid is a brave student leader who has served as an inspiration for people around the world, and has kept the hope of victory alive in the hearts of Iranians. He is honoured as ICHR’s award winner for his persistent efforts in speaking out in defense of the Iranian civil society.

Reza Shahabi is a labour activist and a board member of the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company. In June 2010, four security agents arrested Reza Shahabi at his workplace, and transferred him to Evin prison. Since then, 18 months ago, Reza Shahabi has been held in a state of prison limbo, meaning he has not yet been issued a prison sentence. Reza Shahabi has launched multiple hunger strikes behind bars. His most recent hunger strike was launched 16 days ago in protest to his uncertain situation and the unbearable prison conditions. According to his brother, Reza Shahabi plans to continue his hunger strike until his status is clarified and his prison conditions are made clear. According to human rights reporters, Reza Shahabi’s health is rapidly deteriorating and his life is at risk. The imprisoned labour activist is suffering from osteoarthritis, low blood pressure, and heart and liver problems. During his incarceration, the degenerative arthritis has resulted in Reza Shahabi to lose control over the left side of his body. Reza Shahabi is an individual who has fought tirelessly for justice. He is honoured as ICHR’s award winner for his tireless efforts in supporting worker’s rights in Iran.

Kouhyar Goudarzi:  Kouhyar Goudarzi is an award-winning human rights and student activist, a blogger, a freelance journalist, a banned Sharif University aerospace engineering student, and a member of the Committee of Human Rights Reporters. In November 2009, Kouhyar was expelled from his studies for his human rights activities.
On December 20, 2009, Kouhyar and other activists were arrested in Azadi Square while heading to Qom for Ayatollah Montazeri’s funeral. After enduring more than five months of temporary detention and severe physical and psychological torture in Evin, the human rights activist was sentenced to one year in prison. And on December 14, 2010, he was released from prison. However, on July 31, 2011 Kouhyar Goudarzi was arrested again. The next day, his mother was arrested and transferred to Kerman prison. Kouhyar Goudarzi was subjected to an enforced disappearance, and the Iranian authorities have remained silent on his location and well being to this day. According to unofficial sources and open evidence, Kouhar is currently detained in Evin prison. Kouhyar Goudarzi is a brave and selfless human rights defender who is honoured as ICHR’s award winners for the many sacrifices he has chosen to make for a more hopeful future in Iran.

Ramin Parchami: Ramin Parchami is a prominent Iranian actor who was arrested during the February 14, 2011 pro-democracy protests in Iran. He was spotted in the crowd in a demonstration and was told numerous times by plainclothes agents to leave. However, when Ramin Parchami ignored the warnings, he was arrested. According to a detainee who witnessed the actor's transfer to Evin prison, he had walked down the prison hallway chanting loudly, “Zendani Siasi Azad Bayad Gardad” “Political Prisoners Must Be Freed!” This action lifted the spirits of the other prisoners. Ramn Parchami was sentenced to one year in prison by the Tehran Revolutionary Court, and is currently held in Evin prison, where he has also endured the torture of solitary confinement. The imprisoned actor has played roles in numerous films and television series, and, until last year, was working as an editor for the weekly arts and culture magazine titled, Naghsh Afarinan. Ramin Parchami is a brave human rights defender.

Copyright © 2011 The International Center for Human Rights (ICHR)

Canadian charged in Iran over protests
Detained journalist accused of conspiracy to overthrow regime
Jul 01, 2009 04:30 AM


Maziar Bahari was among two dozen bloggers and journalists held after vote.

An Iranian-Canadian journalist who was detained in Tehran during post-election protests has been charged with belonging to a Western-orchestrated conspiracy to overthrow the clerical regime, according to Iranian media.
Maziar Bahari has a home in Toronto but has lived in Iran for more than a decade, and worked for Newsweek magazine.
He is one of more than two dozen journalists and bloggers seized in a sweep of suspected opponents of the government, which has been battling protests since it endorsed elections last month widely criticized as fraudulent.
"The spokesperson for the Iranian foreign affairs ministry said that Bahari was part of a network of U.S. and British-led unrest," said Morteza Abdolalian, an Iranian-born journalist and blogger who monitors the Iranian media. "They charged him with working for this network, following his arrest."
There have been unconfirmed reports that Bahari "confessed" during his detention.
"These arrests follow a pattern," says Abdolalian, who is based in Toronto.
"People are pressured to make a videotaped confession that is written in advance by the regime."
Canada's department of foreign affairs has issued a note of "grave concern" to Iran, and demanded immediate consular access to Bahari. But such access is seldom granted in the case of dual citizens, whom Iran regards as Iranian.
Foreign and Iranian journalists have long been suspected of working for a Western conspiracy to overthrow the Iranian government – a legacy of a Western-orchestrated 1953 coup.
Supporters of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have denounced the protesters as traitors.


commentary by the ottawa mens centre

Mr. Harper apparently never did have any motivation to defend the rights of Canadian citizens abroad or at home. Mr. Harper's view of legal rights are that they are only important as long as they are politically correct, a furthering of the judge made law or politically realities that flagrantly defy the statutes. Its just more destruction of the Rule of Law for short term political point scoring for which Mr. Harper is strongly addicted. see the roscoe research at the ottwawa mens centre.

The Mr. Mohammadi clan of the Iranian Government must have gone stark raving mad to arrest Maziar Bahari who has made public to the world press the American goals of u promoting "democracy" in Islamic countries. The Iranian Government is becoming increasingly paranoid to the point that they are now shooting themselves in the foot. Iranians are some of nicest people you can meet anywhere in the world. The Iranian Government's arrest of one of most respected objective journalists will not help Iran's problems.